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guitarist, vocalist, songwriter

i'm not interesting but bands are

Straight Edge Pride
Punk Rock


guitars, bands, game of thrones, art, movies, green tea and being a general shit head

the blog

it's basically a paramore blog but expect to see posts about other bands, game of thrones, various actresses and actors, movies and possibly some photography

I tag everything

my social life is as active as taylor york's twitter account


working on

people who make me cry
favourite bands
30 day music challenge
paramore ruined my life meme


A game of thrones
Gerorge R.R. Martin

Jane eyre
Charlotte Brontë


rewatching game of thrones
american horror story: freakshow
the walking dead




currently i have a queue set to post five posts a day because I'm back at school and I'm on semi haitus bc so much work ugh

all queued posts are tagged with the tag
'queue are not useless'

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“Support music every day because there isn’t a day music won’t be there for you!”
Hayley Williams


                       ”My hair is made of actual fire. you, guys.”

thisisparaween asked: I just really love your queue tag.. that is all. haha

awww, thanks bud! :)

July 18,2014|Columbia, MD [©caitlyn willard]

You say that I’ve been changing, that I’m not just simply ageing. Yeah how could that be logical? Just keep on cramming ideas down my throat…