Leanne // 16 // Ireland I'm just a loser from Irleand who loves the three biggest dorks in the world. I post mainly Paramore and Game of Thrones I also tag everything! There will be spoilers! I'm currently reading a Game of Thrones by George R. R. Martin I'm watching American Horror Story, waiting for season 5 of Game of Thrones Don't be afraid to ask me anything! ♥ In the 'Dorks' Network ♥
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100 Fav Pictures of Taylor York 79/100
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The men’s magazine “Men’s Health” listed the 100 hottest women of 2014 and Hayley Williams is in 52th place:

52. Hayley Williams
Paramore’s front woman isn’t exactly a classic beauty—heck, she often has red-orange hair. As she puts it, “I’m not a blonde bombshell, but I can still be sexy. I think interesting is attractive, too.” We couldn’t agree more.
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self-titled life.

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if i was in a band i’d be the one that gets ignored by fans